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Domino For Kids

Simple puzzle domino games for kids.

2 games - Memory and Match Brick
3 difficulty levels for each game
1 free graphics set: Fruits
5 adorable unlockable gfx sets: Toys, Sweets, Dinosaurs, Aliens and Monsters

Helpless Santa

Christmas action puzzle game with unique interface.

OMDB - Over My Dead Bee

In Production

our apps

LR VIN decoder

App to decode your Land Rover's VIN.

About Us

Marlena Smolarczyk-Maciąg

Marlena Smolarczyk-Maciąg

2d graphics, design
Illustrator, GIMP, pen & paper :)
Artur Maciąg

Artur Maciąg

programming, game design
Emacs, Unity, pen & paper :)